Tradition is a guide

We have given our olive oil the name Likithos from the ancient vases found in the excavations of the ancient theater of Aegai, located in the eastern Aigialeia. Likithoi, the elegant narrow-bodied ceramic vessels, true jewels of Greek pottery, were used for storing perfume and olive oil. With these, the ancient Greeks made offerings to the gods. Olive oil, the “liquid gold” according to Homer, is a key element of the Mediterranean diet and is considered to be a healthy diet product. In our laboratory/Likithos enterprise, we constantly and meticulously search for the best methods of production. For both our virgin olive oil and the virgin olive oil from self-sown wild olive trees, we pay special attention to the season of harvesting the olive fruit.

The Harvest

Only healthy fruits are collected and in the case of wild olive trees the fruits are harvested exclusively by hand, a tradition that has its roots in antiquity. The fruit is pressed in a certified mill on the day of its harvest, with “cold extraction”, at a temperature of 23-25 degrees Celsius. In this way, the olive oil retains its aromas and quality for a long time without any degradation. At Likithos we always ensure that our oil contains the three characteristics of a fine virgin olive oil: 

• the fruity aroma and the taste of the olive when tasting it 

• the bitter taste and 

• a spicy taste that creates a sweet/distinct/subtle burning on the throat. 

The last two features reveal the existence of valuable phenols, while the first will make Likithos olive oil, your companion at every table.

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