Quality guaranteed

We pay special attention to the critical stages of production such as harvesting, oil extraction, storage and standardization. Our guiding principle is, from the moment of harvesting the fruit until the marketing of the final consumer’s product, to achieve a high-quality result.

The Process


The picking of the olives is carried out in the middle of autumn, while the fruit of the olive is green -before it turns purple- and when all the juices, aromas and nutrients are at their peak. The juicy olives are immediately transported to the mill in plastic boxes and on the same day the olive oil is produced.

Oil extraction

The crushing, malaxing, centrifugation, cold press separation of oil from water and other solids with a 25-30 minute malaxing of the olive paste, to produce high-quality olive oil, rich in aroma and polyphenols and with very low acidity. The excellent condition of the fruit during harvesting, the totally controlled crushing and oil extraction conditions, the excellent hygiene and safety conditions during the cold pressing of the product, guarantee a superior-quality oil.


Our storage facilities meet all ISO standards for the maintenance and preservation of olive oil. We invest in this sector in particular, knowing how important it is to maintain high quality using the most appropriate equipment.


It is transferred in stainless tanks under conditions of minimal oxygenation and nitrogen blanketing, to avoid undesirable enzymes and to preserve the features of the olive oil as they were at the time of its production. It is immediately bottled. It is standardized in a space fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. ISO 22:000:2005 standards and guidelines are implemented and strict hygienic conditions are followed that fully safeguard all the product’s qualities.

Note: The bottling and packaging of our products is carried out according to all the ISO food safety standards, ensuring thus the high quality and preservation of an excellent taste, from the time of packing to the moment of arrival at your table.


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